Apple is releasing AirPods tracker for locating your lost earbuds


If you own a pair of Apple’s new wireless earbuds – AirPods you will sooner or later face a problem of loosing one of them. Now Apple is trying to help you deal with it. The beta version of its upcoming iOS 10.3 software reportedly includes an update to the Find My iPhone app, specifically targeting the new headphones.

The app will show you the last known location of the AirPods. The positing information will be enabled by GPS in your iPhone or iPad as well as Bluetooth connection of the headphones. It seems however that the location will be determined based on where the case was last seen, not the actual earbuds, which might decrease the usefulness of the feature.

The hot-selling AirPods have gotten positive reviews, but many users are worried about how easy it is to lose one of the earbuds and Apple will charge $69 to replace each lost piece of the set. “Find my AirPods” feature will not entirely solve this problem but it might help in some cases and most importantly (for Apple) make it easier for you to spend a premium price of $159.

Aleks Buczkowski
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