This amazing map shows shadows of New York City


Every GeoGeek knows the Urban Canyon phenomena that affects GPS signal in the cities with narrow streets and high buildings. But the fact that cities are growing up influences also the amount of sun that reaches the street level. New York Times has recently published an amazing map which is a comprehensive shadow study of NYC.

The map has three layers with the city’s shadow profiles: Winter, Summer and Spring/fall each of them based on data from Dec. 21 (the winter solstice), June 21 (the summer solstice) and Sept. 22 (the autumnal equinox).

When you look at it on the macro scale you will see the extraordinary piece of mapping. But the real fun and value of project begins when you zoom in…

The study shows that most of the Manhattan areas will remain in shadow for at least half of daylight hours. The tool allows you to look into your neighbourhood and assess its lighting conditions and the amount of sunlight can affect things like the foot traffic patterns and apartment rental prices. 

Amazing project!

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